Acquisition of a Value

Here is a final example of an experience in another culture that led to the acquisition of a shared value:

Growing up, I did not enjoy team sports, especially soccer. While living in Spain, I was invited to play soccer with friends in a neighboring park on various occasions, and had habituated myself to refusing the offer. One afternoon however, some of my particularly persuasive Spanish girlfriends encouraged me to join a a friendly match.  In spite of being an inferior player, I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air, endorphins, and felt my fear of jokes about my poor skills fade away as I discovered that all participants, from the most skilled athlete to the novice player, were subject to friendly gibes and occasional ribbing from teammates and opposing team members. Through the experience, I learned that with practice, I could train my body to control the ball and that by paying attention to how others played, I could rely on my intuition to anticipate their moves and effectively engage in my team’s strategies and help them score goals. This refreshing new experience led to the acquisition of a value and a framework for relating to others in play.  The rules of soccer were the same; the experience, on the other hand, was markedly different.  As a child, the violently competitive attitudes of my peers on the soccer field made it impossible for me to progress as a player, resulting in my complete and total rejection of its value as a recreational activity.  However, as an adult in Spain, the playful and friendly attitude of my teammates encouraged me to learn to improve my athletic and intuitive capacities by playing soccer and enjoy the game. 

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