Ethnographic Interviews

Music 4


Students will complete an ethnographic interview with a native Spanish speaker, record the interview audio on the Soundcloud iPad app and post the link to the corresponding D2L discussion board on or before the specified due dates (mid-semester, end of the semester).  The interview should elaborate an aspect of culture that has piqued the student’s interest and interview subjects should be able to discuss the topic with the student at length during the 10 minute interview.  Interviewing techniques will be rehearsed in class through role-play exercises and guided questions prior to your interview appointment. The in-class interview workshop will provide you with the communicative skills necessary to improvise questions that build on interviewee responses and appropriately exhaust the discussion topic.

21st Century Skills applied

National Standards for Foreign Languages: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities

Modes of Communication: Interpersonal, Presentational

Information, Media, and Technology Skills: Communication, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Technology Literacy

Life and Career Skills: Social and Cross-Cultural Skills

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