Medical Spanish

Spanish and the Medical InterviewMedical Spanish

Students enrolled in the UNG Nursing Program are likely to have encounters with Hispanic patients with limited English language skills in their future roles as health care professionals in clinics, public schools, hospitals and private practices in North Georgia.

My Medical Spanish course is designed to teach these students the grammar and vocabulary necessary to conduct a 5-10 minute basic Medical Interview in Spanish and to work effectively with a professional Medical Interpreter.  In addition to learning the basic language skills necessary to conduct a preliminary Medical Interview in Spanish and applying them in a mock interview with a native Spanish speaker, students gain knowledge and understanding of different cultural perspectives to help them better anticipate and manage patient expectations during the medical encounter.

Students complete short research projects on health care systems in Latin America and the use of herbal remedies as alternative medicine in Hispanic culture in order to compare and contrast these cultural differences with their own and better understand the diverse viewpoints and perspectives of Latin American people that they will serve as patients. Course projects and assignments guide students in the acquisition of communication skills necessary to engage in a clear and consistent dialogue with Hispanic patients that will contribute to their health literacy and  wellness. As a final project at the end of the semester, students review and synthesize the information learned as a Professional Portfolio.

*click links to access project description and template

SPAN 1200 Medical Spanish Course Syllabus

21st Century Interdisciplinary Themes addressed in this course:  Global Awareness, Health Literacy


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