Blog Assignments



Students are asked to design a personal blog on and post 3 weekly entries of 150 words reflecting on their experiences as participants in cultural activities during class meetings and information about Spain and Latin America from reading assignments and documentary film screenings. When referring to readings or films that were not assigned in class, students were asked to cite their sources.  Students were encouraged to upload and share photos from group activities on their blog.  A weekly writing rubric was available on D2L for specific information about evaluative criteria that progresses from basic to advanced mastery of grammar, syntax and vocabulary as presented in the SPAN 1001-2 section.  Weekly rubrics provided students with standards that would gradually increase in difficulty and rigor, challenging them to incorporate more complex grammatical structures and new vocabulary in their weekly writing tasks.

21st Century Skills applied

National Standards for Foreign Languages: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities

Modes of Communication: Interpretive, Presentational

Information, Media, and Technology Skills: Communication, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Information Literacy, Technology Literacy

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